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The ELCNS is excited to announce the revitalization of selected modules and the development of new professional learning opportunities in response to topics identified by Nova Scotia educational leaders in the Winter-Spring of 2021-22.  As part of our Leadership Success Plan, we are currently establishing a strategic timeline for program development based on stakeholder responses and your immediate learning needs.  Priorities for the 2021-2022 Academic Year will include:

  • Restorative Approaches in Schools, Revised
  • Supporting Student Achievement and Well-Being through the Nova Scotia Inclusive Education Policy
  • Promoting Student Well-Being through Health Promoting Schools
  • Coaching for Quality Instruction

Opportunities for Nova Scotia educators with expertise and experience in specific topics of study to develop curricula and programs are  communicated on our website here.

Our leadership programs adhere to research-informed principles that support the continued development of educational leaders as they support effective instruction and student learning, and focus on:

  • Incorporating current research and evidence-based pedagogy;
  • Recognizing teachers and administrators as professionals, and supporting their commitment to the continuous development of professional practice in all stages of their career;
  • Recognizing the impact of effective teaching and supportive leadership on the achievement of all students;
  • Enhancing teacher performance and student learning;
  • Supporting standards of professional practices, professional growth plans and the Teacher Growth and Evaluation process;
  • Integrating individual, regional and provincial priorities and initiatives;
  • Integrating student well-being and achievement in an integrated way within the Nova Scotia Inclusive Education Policy framework;
  • Incorporating inclusive, equitable and culturally responsive pedagogy and leadership practices;
  • Fostering individual and collective growth through collaborative inquiry with colleagues across Nova Scotia;
  • Building on teacher knowledge and skills to challenge attitudes, deepen understanding and transform practice;
  • Facilitating deeper knowledge and skills through application and reflection;
  • Addressing barriers to participation and enhancing access to professional learning options for all Nova Scotia educators;
  • Recognizing the value of formal and informal learning opportunities; and
  • Incorporating participant reflection and feedback to inform ongoing improvements in program offerings.

As part of the ELCNS Leadership Success Plan (2020), educational partners are working towards the redesign of modules and other learning opportunities that support leadership development for educators across Nova Scotia.  In addition to reviewing current content and program offerings, feedback from educators will inform the design of new content, models of program delivery, and accessible and relevant professional learning options.  This will enable the ELCNS to expand and strengthen its ability to support student learning through strong leadership.  This work is underway and will be broadly communicated as it evolves, both through the newly designed ELCNS website and through Regional Centres for Education/Board and other partner organization representatives.

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