Assessment of each participant’s learning and the awarding of the Diploma in Instructional Leadership are important components of the program. They not only support the attainment of high-quality practices within the role of instructional leader and advance the field of leadership, they also serve to acknowledge the personal accomplishment and continued professional development of the participants.

Assessment for learning is embedded throughout the program to support participant learning and reflection. Opportunities are provided for participants to demonstrate their acquisition of concepts and competencies by applying what they have learned. Over the program, participants will develop a professional portfolio that will be used to synthesize their learning and showcase their emerging competencies. Each course will include opportunities for assessment of learning, including reflections from course work and analysis of practicum experiences; a course-end summary paper (or product); and a portfolio presentation. Upon the completion of the program, participants will demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and competencies they have acquired and/or refined throughout the Nova Scotia Instructional Leadership Program in a final culminating assessment.