The culminating assessment is an opportunity for Participants in the Nova Scotia Instructional Leadership Academy to show what they know and are able to do related to the Standards of Instructional Leadership. The culminating assessment will also provide an opportunity for Participants to show how they have narrowed the gap between theory and practice.

The culminating assessment is designed to be a job-embedded experience. It reflects the principles of fair, valid, and reliable assessment, and, as such, is grounded in authentic performance-based experiences. The culminating assessment touches upon the range of learning experiences the Participants engaged in during their NSILA course work.

During the culminating assessment, Participants will illustrate their acquired skills and competencies in areas such as vision and mission, coaching for instructional improvement, collaborative learning cultures, data use for instructional and school improvement, leading change, creating cultures based on principles of social justice and equity, and leadership for high quality instruction and assessment that improves student learning.

Only those Participants who have successfully completed all six courses of the NSILA Program are eligible for the Culminating Assessment.

Culminating Assessment 2015 PDF