Instructional Leadership Virtual Conference:  August 12-13, 2021

Mike Rutherford, creator and designer of The Artisan Leader: An Ed Leadership Conference Series will facilitate this two-day virtual learning experience.  Participants will explore, using best practices for virtual professional learning these relevant topics…

instructional leadership virtual conferenceCommunicating Effectively with Groups, Key Individuals, and Difficult Characters. Communication skills are learnable.  This session details nine practical ways to improve your skills. 

Reading, Shaping, and Re-Shaping School Culture… Improve your vision for seeing and employing the invisible, yet powerful, forces that drive educator behavior at work. 

Creating School Conditions that Support Innovation, Creativity, and Re-InventionHow to attract, support, and retain innovative, creative, and future- focused staff.

How to use Organized Abandonment to Fuel School ImprovementSuccessful school leaders make to do lists, and not-to-do lists.  This session details practical ways to keep the past from robbing the future at your school. 

Time Management for Instructional Leaders… Some administrators spend 60-70% of their time engaged in instructional leadership rather than school management.  And, their schools run pretty well. How do they do it? This session we’ll examine ten practical time management strategies for increasing instructional leadership capacity at your school.

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