Position Title - Facilitator:  Restorative Approach in Schools Modules  Final Expression of Interest Form Feb 26 2021 thumb

(A Module for School-Based Administrators and/or for Classroom Teachers and Specialists)

Details - Two positions available to co-facilitate previously developed modules.

Overview/Description of and Responsibilities associated with Position:

The selected candidates will:
• facilitate the delivery of a two-day module focusing on Restorative Approaches in Schools in various locations throughout the province;
• integrate outcomes focused on student well-being and achievement through inclusive, equitable and culturally responsive practices;
• align outcomes to the expectations of teachers and educational leaders, as defined by the Nova Scotia Teaching Standards; 
• adhere to ELCNS Guiding Principles for effective Professional Learning;
• work collaboratively with the Executive Director, other staff, and partners of the Educational Leadership Consortium of Nova Scotia (ELCNS), and
• participate in a two-day education and skills workshop prior to facilitating the modules.

The overall focus of this professional learning opportunity includes: 

This module explores a restorative approach in schools with particular attention to its potential to fulfil our commitments and priorities to inclusion, belonging, equity, and well-being. The module will focus on the knowledge, skills and capacity needed to lead and support a restorative approach, including the underlying principles related to a restorative approach, a restorative approach to educational leadership, and implementing a restorative approach to foster positive interpersonal relationships, school climate and culture, and responsive pedagogy. 

Applicants will demonstrate the following competencies and experience: 
• Demonstrated capacity facilitating and supporting adult learning.
• Experience in taking a restorative approach in a school context ideally as part of an integrated whole school approach.
• Participation in and connection to the Nova Scotia Restorative Approach Learning Community (through educational events or project participation).
• Demonstrated knowledge and application of restorative principles that ground a restorative approach in the province and a principle-based approach to policy and practice implementation:

  • Relationally focused
  • Comprehensive and holistic
  • Inclusive and participatory
  • Responsive
  • Focused on promoting individual and collective accountability & responsibility
  • Collaborative and non-adversarial
  • Forward-focused

• Strong connection to educational system
• Demonstrated skills in facilitating restoratively (in learning and response-oriented processes)
• Demonstrated capacity for relational analysis and assessment of issues/situations
• Experience designing restorative responses/processes
• Demonstrated capacity for collaborative leadership
• Experience in taking a restorative approach to inclusive education, culturally relevant pedagogy, mental health, and student well-being 
• Evidence of connection and commitment to development of a restorative approach in Nova Scotia

Reporting to: Executive Director of ELCNS

For additional information and/or details about the position: Please contact Stephanie Isenor-Ryan, Executive Director of ELCNS at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 902-890-4367 if you have any questions.

How to Apply/Express Interest:
Complete the attached document Expression of Interest form  and send it to Faye Lennerton, Acting Assistant to the Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

$500 per day – plus HST, if applicable, for the delivery of the two-module and for participating in the two-day education and skills workshop prior to facilitating the modules.

Please note:  if you are currently employed as an administrator/teacher at a site that is a partnering organization within the ELCNS, there is no lieu time associated with this position.  The contracted days must be completed on your own time.  However, from time to time you may be requested to share updates with the ELCNS Board of Directors and other ELCNS staff, which may occur during a regular workday, as such, this would be considered as part of the contribution of the ELCNS partner organization but should be discussed in advance of applying with your supervisor.

Deadline to Express Interest: Monday, March 20, 2023 – 5:00 p.m.

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