This information will be updated to reflect new opportunities and procedures once the redesign of modules and other learning opportunities occurs, as a result of our Leadership Success Plan (2020).

How do I register for ELCNS professional learning sessions?

More information about our Professional Learning sessions can be found in the Professional Learning section of our website.

When do I register for ELCNS professional learning sessions?

The ELCNS now adheres to registration deadlines — registration must be received 25 days before the start of the session

This deadline will allow more time to arrange locations, printing, shipping for the actual number of registrants and confirm facilitator time, in a timely manner. 

Hopefully this practice will stop the last minute cancellations.

Who can register for ELCNS professional learning sessions?

Anyone who is employed by our partners or who is employed in the field of education may register for ELCNS professional learning sessions.

Do you have to be a resident of or employed in Nova Scotia to register for ELCNS sessions?

No, as long as you work in the field of education you can register for ELCNS professional learning sessions.

Can I attend an ELCNS professional learning session running in a Regional Centre/Board in which I am not employed?

Unless the listing specifically states that it is only open to a specific group, Regional Centre or Board,  anyone can attend any session listed. 

For example, when the listing says “AVRCE Module 1”, the Region name is simply there to indicate the location of this offering and does not designate it as only for AVRCE participants.

How do I pay for ELCNS professional learning sessions?

All registration fees should be paid at least 7 days before the start of the session.  Receipts will be handed out at the session.

There are several payment options:

  1.  VISA or Master Card
    • - Please DO NOT send the number and expiry date in an e-mail.
    • - Call the ELCNS office at (902) 422-3270 and give the number and expiry date.
    • - Cards will be debited 3 - 4 days before start of the workshop (as receipts are shipped with module materials)


  2. Bank Debit Cards
    • - Participants must bring their debit cards to the ELCNS offices before 2:00PM, in order to use this option.


  3. Board-Ordered Cheques
    • - Let us know if your Board is paying the ELCNS directly and if you require the invoice in advance of the session.


  4. School Cheques
    • - Note that the ELCNS receipt will be made out to the name on the cheque (i.e. the school) and not the participant's name.


Additional Notes

  • Please do not bring payments to the module/workshop as the facilitator is there to facilitate and not to act as cashier.
  • There are occasions when a school board may purchase a specific number of seats for a module or workshop.  If your board is paying for you in this manner, please remember that you still need to register on the ELCNS website.

Why do ELCNS professional learning sessions get cancelled?

Lack of registration is the primary reason sessions are cancelled.  Conducting a workshop with fewer than 15 people is cost prohibitive and also limits the quality of the learning experience.

The only other reason a session could be cancelled is weather — The first weather cancellation occured in January of 2006.  The module was rescheduled and held in the same location, several weeks later.

Is Module 1 a prerequisite for taking other modules?

No, we recommend that you take Module 1 first, but it is not “written in stone”.

Do the ELCNS modules have to be taken in any specific order?

Modules do not have to be taken in any order.  Participants pick and choose based on the topics which interest them.

Are ELCNS modules accepted for credit in University Masters Programs?

Our website provides information on the way in which Acadia University, Cape Breton University, Mount St. Vincent University, and St. Francis Xavier University recognize modules as part of their Masters programs.

Please contact the university graduate advisor for further information.

What if I want to take a specific module or workshop and I do not see one currently offered?

If you are looking for a specific offering and it is not currently listed on our website schedule you can fill out our on-line “Wait List” form! 

When we have a new listing we will e-mail all those who are on that wait list.  If you are still interested at that point in time, you can then register online. 

Please note that you will not be automatically registered, you must adhere to the registration process once it is made available, if you are interested.

How do ELCNS professional development sessions get scheduled? Who decides when and where?

The ELCNS tries to schedule modules/workshops  in various Nova Scotia locations throughout the year. In addition, individual school boards make requests for specific professional learning sessions. Individual educational leaders may also request the ELCNS to run a program/module/workshop that supports a specific need in their department/school/Board.

A reminder that 15 participants is the minimum number required for an ELCNS professional learning activity.

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