Guidelines for the Employment of ELCNS Writers, Facilitators and Presenters

The ELCNS believes that:

  • To meet the specific needs and interests of our cliental, the writers, facilitators or presenters of professional learning programs offered by the ELCNS should be recognized authorities on the topics being presented;
  • Within Nova Scotia there are many highly qualified and respected authorities on a varied and wide number of educational issues and topics;
  • The use of highly qualified Nova Scotia educators means that ELCNS programs are relative to the provincial educational environment and that the writers, facilitators or presenters are knowledgeable about local programs and issues;
  • When deemed appropriate, national and international expertise should be sought out and offered to our cliental;
  • By examining what others are doing in educational environments beyond our border, our educators have the opportunity to gain an awareness of issues from an alternative perspective and situate those issues within our Nova Scotia context;
  • By being exposed to different perspectives from outside our province, Nova Scotia educators demonstrate that they possess the self-assurance to go beyond their own borders and have the ability to examine their own practices with a critical eye.

Therefore, to adhere to these beliefs:

  • The vast majority of ELCNS professional learning programs will be written, led and conducted by Nova Scotia educators;
  • When it is deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors to import expertise from outside the province, the writers, presenters or facilitators must be informed of current Nova Scotia educational programs and initiatives and work to situate their presentations within that context.

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